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about us

Mission Statement

The purpose of the corporation of the Friends of the North Carolina Maritime Museum at Southport is: to develop, encourage, and promote public awareness of the North Carolina Maritime Museum at Southport; to serve as a philanthropic organization for the support of the resources, programs and facilities of the NCMM at Southport; to render assistance as requested by the Museum; and, to acquire, hold, sell, convey, dispose, and administer real and personal estate and do any all things in furtherance of these purposes as permitted under Chapter 55A of the General Statutes of North Carolina. 

Board Members

  • Tom Hale, Chairman

  • Tammy Newton, Vice Chairman

  • Wayne Berry, Treasurer

  • Donnie Joyner, Recording Secretary

  • Kim Cobb, Board Member

  • Jack Collins, Board Member

  • Bill Howell, Board Member

  • Mary Locklin, Board Member

  • Claire McNaught, Board Member

  • Christy McKeithan, Board Member

  • Linda Pukenas, Board Member

  • Lora Sharkey, Board Member

  • B. Wayne Strickland, Board Member

  • Woody Wilson, Board Member

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